ridiculously low chicken coop rates

Introducing Chicken Coop Mortgages

Ridiculously low rates for the home your chickens deserve.

Today’s economy has caused many people to look for ways to save money on groceries. With the prices of everyday items, like eggs, on the rise, people are turning to backyard chicken coops as a way to offset the higher costs.

To support this growing trend, we are proud to announce our new and innovative line of Chicken Coop Mortgage loan options! These mortgage loans are designed to provide financing for those looking to build a backyard chicken coop and enjoy fresh, affordable eggs from the comfort of their own home.

Dan C.

Coop Investor

My new deluxe coop keeps my hens safe from those damn coyotes. Thank you!

A Full Suite of Loan Options for Feathered Friends

We understand that building a chicken coop is a significant investment, which is why we offer ridiculously low rates to help make it affordable for you. With a Chicken Coop Mortgage, you’ll have the freedom to build the perfect coop for your feathered friends without breaking the bank.

ConvHENtional Comfort Layer Loan

Our most popular loan option, the fixed-rate ConvHENtional Comfort Layer loan, is a great choice for new chicken owners. With as little as 3% down and competitive interest rates, constructing a cozy, modest home for your beloved chicks is easier than ever.

Jumbo Eggstravaganza Coop Loan

For those seeking to indulge their feathered friends with a luxurious living space, our Jumbo Coop loan is the perfect financing option. This loan can offer ample room for your chickens to roam, cluck, and lay their precious eggs with plenty of space to spare. Whether you have a handful of chickens in need of a lavish abode or a single high-maintenance hen, the Jumbo Coop loan will provide them with everything they need and more.

Jen B.


Getting the chickens out of my house saved my marriage!

Neal J.


My girls deserve the best. Their three-story first coop wasn’t enough.

Brian B.


My chickens are so pretty in their new roost.

So why wait? Apply for our Chicken Coop Mortgage today and start enjoying the benefits of fresh, affordable eggs right in your own backyard.

*Owning does not actually offer financing options for chicken coops. That would be ridiculous. However, we do offer ridiculously low mortgage rates and take humor seriously, especially on April Fool’s Day.

Scott S.

Coop Designer

Egg production tripled after moving the hens into a Game of Thrones-inspired Winterfell coop. I’m very pleased. Winter was coming.