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Your property’s current market value is determined by a Comparative Current Market Analysis conducted by a National Association of Realtors Certified Real Estate Professional. This appraised value is then reviewed and confirmed by an independent Certified Appraiser.
This market value analysis includes actual recent sales of comparable homes in your area
We share this Comparative Current Market Value summary with you
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About Owning
Owning was created by experienced people who worked in the real estate industry for many years, providing billions of dollars in mortgages to consumers. They saw many inefficiencies in the way the real estate and mortgage industry has operated for years, so they created Owning. Owning uses modern technology, communication and research tools to reduce the stress, uncertainty and time involved in real estate buying, selling, and financing. Owning’s unique processes can also save you thousands of dollars.
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What kind of homes does Owning buy?
  • What will Owning pay for my home?
  • What is my flexibility in scheduling my closing date?
  • Where is Owning currently purchasing homes?
  • Do you purchase homes in age-restricted communities?
  • Do you purchase homes in gated communities?
  • Do you purchase manufactured, pre-fabricated, or mobile homes?
  • Can I still sell my home to Owning if it is already listed with a real estate agent?
  • How much does Owning charge?
  • What are my closing costs?
  • Are there any costs to get my appraisal-based purchase offer from Owning?
  • Am I obligated to accept the Owning purchase offer?
  • How long is the Owning offer good for?
  • Won’t I get more money for my home if I list it?
  • Who handles the closing process?
  • Can I close, get my money, and still live in my home for a while?
  • How do I get an offer from Owning?
What kind of homes does Owning buy?
Owning buys single-family residences (including condominiums and townhomes) in Southern California who meet our buying criteria.
Frequently Asked Questions
Owning buys single-family residences (including condominiums and townhomes) in Southern California who meet our buying criteria.
The maximum selling price Owning pays is $700,000 in Orange and Los Angeles counties, $467,000 in San Bernardino and Riverside counties, and $666,500 in northern San Diego county. That said, the actual price that Owning will pay for any qualifying home is specific to that home and may not be the maximum amount listed here.
In most cases, we can close in as quickly as 7 working days. You can schedule your closing date up to 45 days after accepting our offer.
Owning currently purchases homes In Southern California. Specifically Owning is interested in properties in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino counties and parts of San Diego county. If your home is located in northern San Diego county our licensed agents can quickly tell you if it is within our purchase area.
No, we do not buy listed homes.
At closing we take a 6% commission based on the selling price (normal seller’s and buyer’s commission). However, Owning will pay your Escrow and Title Insurance fees. These fees are typically paid by the home seller.
Closing costs related to the sale will be Owning’s 6% commission, a Home Warranty (approximately $450-$700), a Natural Hazards Disclosure Report ($99.95), and any Home Owners Association documentation and transfer fees, if applicable.
No. There is no charge for the appraisal inspection or report. If you have a qualifying home Owning will make you an offer to purchase the home and you can decide at that time if you would like to sell the home to us.
No, you are not obligated to accept the offer.
The offer is valid for 5 days. This gives you some time to think it over and discuss it with your family. Prices in the real estate marketplace can change quickly due to things like other new sales in your area, changes in interest rates, or economic changes locally, nationally, or even worldwide.
Owning’s Sold It program is designed to provide a current market value offer based on the results of an appraisal performed by a certified professional appraiser. It also eliminates the stress and hassle of getting and keeping your home ready for strangers walking through. It also allows you to choose the closing date you want and not have to wait for conventional buyers’ contingencies such as selling their home and qualifying for a mortgage. You may or may not get more money by listing it. But you face the time and stress associated with that process, haggling with potential buyers and their agents, and hoping to close on your timetable.
Owning is a licensed real estate broker and we will handle all the details of the closing.
Yes, we have lease back options that can extend up to 90 days from closing
Simply call the number on the website or fill in the contact form and one of Owning’s licensed real estate agents will quickly start you on the path to saying “I Sold It” with Owning.
All other questions, Contact Us and let’s get you to Sold it!

Owning is bringing trust and simplicity to both real estate and mortgage. Our goal is to turn what are universally regarded as burdensome life events into exciting and rewarding experiences that are simple from start to finish.

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