Does a mortgage pre-approval affect my credit score?

Will getting a mortgage pre-approval hurt my credit score?

When you apply for a mortgage pre-approval, your lender will collect all of your background information, this includes a credit report. This will show up as a hard inquiry on your credit history, and hard inquiries do affect your credit score. The good news is that the impact is temporary, and the review moves you one step closer to getting a new home.

In order to avoid having multiple hard inquiries on your credit report, it’s a good idea to shop around for lenders that meet your needs prior to applying for a pre-approval.

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What does it mean to get pre-approved?

When you are giving a pre-approval for a mortgage, that means a mortgage lender thinks you can move forward on a mortgage application, and provides an idea of what you’re likely to get approved for.

This pre-approved status comes after your lender has gathered enough information about you to make a determination that you’re safe to lend money to and the amount that you will be able to receive. There are many documents that are needed to create a unique package for you and your home loan. Your lender will typically review the following pieces of information when making their choice:

–       Documents that verifies your employment: an example of this are your pay stubs

–       Documents that verifies your identity: personal identification

–       Documents that verifies your credit worthiness: your lender will request a credit report

–       Documents that verifies your income: things like your bank statements, tax returns, and retirement accounts

How can I get a mortgage pre-approval?

Getting pre-approved for a home loan does not mean you are approved for a mortgage. It means that a lender has screened your background and thinks that you will be a good candidate to apply for a mortgage. They also provide the amount that you’re likely to get approved for.

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