How can I reduce the length of my mortgage term?

Tips & advice to pay off my mortgage quicker

Lowering your mortgage term can save significant money over time by reducing accrued interest. The good news is that there are a few different strategies you can use to pay off your mortgage a bit quicker.

First, consider refinancing your mortgage for a shorter term. While this increases monthly payments, it allows you to own your home earlier and pay less interest.

Next, make extra payments to reduce your term and interest. Opting for a biweekly payment schedule can equate to making one extra payment per year.

Lastly, apply windfalls or unexpected income to your mortgage to cut down the principal, reducing the interest you owe. While this requires discipline and potential spending cuts, the savings and financial freedom are worth the effort for a debt-free life.

Do you know that a mortgage refinance is the right way for you to pay off your mortgage faster? Continue reading for additional tips or apply to refinance with the team at Owning right now.

Will refinancing reduce my mortgage term?

Refinancing your mortgage can indeed lower your term, allowing you to pay off your home faster. Also, you can often secure a lower interest rate which decreases overall payment amount.

However, it’s vital to consider the costs associated with refinancing. By shortening your term, your monthly payments might increase, even if the interest rate is lower. So, make sure you can manage the increased payments.

Does making extra payments reduce my mortgage term?

Yes, making extra payments can significantly reduce your mortgage term. By making additional payments, you’re essentially lowering the principal, which knocks down the interest that accrues. This, in turn, shortens your mortgage term.

So how do you go about it? It’s simple. You just need to make sure that your extra payments go towards the principal and not the interest. This strategy not only shortens your mortgage term but also saves you a considerable amount in interest payments.

Would using extra income help pay off my mortgage faster?

Absolutely, using extra income can significantly speed up the process of paying off your mortgage. It’s a simple principle; the more you pay, the faster you clear your debt. This not only helps you become mortgage-free sooner but also saves you thousands on interest.

However, it’s essential you’re aware of terms and conditions surrounding overpayments. Some lenders may impose penalties if you overpay beyond their set limit. So, always double-check this information.

What are the key benefits of reducing my mortgage term?

Cutting down your mortgage term can fast track your financial freedom. A shorter term means owning your home quicker, a significant achievement for many homeowners. It also eases your financial burden and offers peace of mind.

A key benefit of a shorter term is less interest paid. The shorter the term, the less interest you accrue, so you retain more of your hard-earned dollars. In this case, interest is calculated over a shorter time period, and that leads to a lower total cost.

Another advantage is building equity faster. Equity is the home’s value minus what you owe on the mortgage. A shorter term quickly increases this equity, providing a potential safety net.

Lastly, it can enhance your credit score. Quick debt payoff reflects well on your credit report and takes the stress out of securing future credit or loans.

A shorter mortgage term offers numerous benefits including savings on interest, faster equity build-up, and improved credit score. Remember to ensure your monthly payments for the shorter term fit within your budget to prevent financial issues.

How can I start on a mortgage refinance?

Starting a mortgage refinance can seem daunting but fear not, it’s doable. The first step involves understanding the why. Are you seeking a shorter mortgage term or a lower interest rate?

Next, review your credit history and score. These two factors largely influence the kind of refinancing deal you can secure. Also, arm yourself with knowledge about the current mortgage rates and terms. If you’re ready to start the process, check out our mortgage refinance calculator to get an idea of how much you can save. Then, submit your refinance application and start your journey to reducing the length of your mortgage term. 

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