VA LOans

Competitive rates and no down payment required for eligible active service members, Veterans or surviving spouses.

Helping Veterans and their families

No lender fees

We do not charge a lender fee at close.1

Lower interest rates

VA loans had the lowest average interest rate for the last two years.2

No monthly PMI

Avoid an additional monthly cost that
cuts into your buying power.

VA loan benefits

No down payment

One of the great advantages.

Relaxed credit guidelines

Flexible FICO scores for VA loans help more Veterans buy homes.

No loan prepayment/pay-off penalties

Pay off your home loan at any point with no prepayment penalty.

Multiple form of acceptable income

W-2, self-employed, retirement pay and VA disability pay


Do VA loans have stricter guidelines than other mortgages?

No. VA loans have lower minimum credit score requirements, could have better rates than conventional loans and do not require a down payment

Do VA loans take longer to process than Conventional, FHA or Jumbo loans?

No. A VA purchase can close within 25 business days, and a VA refinance can close within 45 business days.3

Are VA appraisals are more complicated?

No. VA appraisers are trained to keep Veterans and military personnel out of harm’s way.

Can you can use your VA home loan benefits more than once?

Yes! You can re-use your entitlement multiple times, as long as you restore your eligibility. You can also have multiple VA loans at once as long as you have remaining entitlement. Your Guaranteed Rate VA loan specialist can explain the process.

Do VA loans have specific limits?

No. VA loans follow county loan limits just like Conventional and FHA loans. VA loans over the county loan limits require a 25% maximum VA loan calculation based on the difference between the county loan and your purchase price. VA Jumbo loans require a down payment lower than a traditional Jumbo loan and do not require mortgage insurance. Your Guaranteed Rate VA loan specialist has all the details.

more is possible

.5% lower rates4 = more buying power