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Information provided for a home value of $600,000 , a loan of $480,000, an apr of 4.99%, a 15-year fixed rate and downpayment of $120,000.

what goes into choosing a mortgage?

1. Property

usage will play into the loan pricing.

2. Type of loan

Down payment, credit score, home price, purchase area, and benefit eligibility will play into this.

3. Terms

Options include the lengeht of loan, and if its fixed or adjustable.

  • Primary

    I will live here

  • Secondary

    I will live here sometimes

  • Investment

    I will visit here

  • Conventional

    I have a solid credit score and little debt

  • VA

    Im an active service member or Vet

  • FHA, USDA, Jumbo

    Our experts can help you understand

  • Fixed

    Interest rate always stays the same

  • Adjustable

    ARMs typically start with a lower interest rate but can vary over time.

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